Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Soccer Star

Paige has been so excited to play soccer this spring. She is the only one playing and that - has never happened, any season! It is nice to take her, usually by herself, to practice and focus just on her playing during the games. That is a first since usually Lindy has played as well or we have others on different fields. It's a bit of a challange to get everyone else where they need to be on Thursday nights but games are first thing Saturday morning before dance and other activities.
Upwards is such a great program especially for someone like Paige who can be very shy. The pressure is less than the recreation league and she has more time on the field. She came running off the field after her first practice and told me she already had "tons of friends"! She likes to play but she loves the social aspect just as much!
Keep up the good work Paige!


Gretchen said...

Go soccer queen!!

Rob M. said...

Go for it Paige! Nice uniform!