Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teen Pact Week

Kyle had a great opportunity to attend Teen Pact two weeks ago. This is a program that teaches teens leadership and citizenship through learning at the state capitol. The kids must dress with respect for the government offices that they will be visiting. The program is a week long event where they have a mock legislative branch which teaches them how to write, vote, and pass bills. There are guest speakers ranging from state represenatives, lobbyists, and congess represenatives. On Friday Kyle attend the optional public speaking class.

The words perfect came to mind when I found out about this program. It had Kyle's name written all over it! He had a blast. There was quite a bit of homework to complete before attending including writing your own bill. He also had to look up who his district reps were and write them a letter thanking them for their service and offering them support. Kyle requested a visit with our State Represenative Stebelton as did our family friend who was attending. Represenative Stebelton was kind enough to meet with Kyle and our friend for over an hour and discuss the issues in Ohio and ones that effect our state nationally. This was the highlight of the week for Kyle!

What a great experience this was! He knew when the week ended that he would plan to return next year. He is even interested in some of the National programs they have. I have a feeling that I will be campaigning someday...


Rob M. said...

When it's time to pick a political party, I hope Kyle picks the RIGHT one! Could it be "Rep. Kyle Miller" one of these days, and move up the ranks?


Margot said...

yes, yes it could.
Don't worry he's got his party selected much to Grommy's dismay!

Gretchen said...

What a great experience for Kyle!!