Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tea Time

Tea is served! Last week was our Brownie Troop tea party. I had some of the girls in the troop request a tea party and thought is was a perfect way to incorporate our Manners Try it. The girls voted at the last meeting to dress up so I wanted to make it extra special for them. We started our meeting off by having a presentation by Sonya from The Red Thread Promise. She went to Haiti last month and took the money we raised at the bake sale. She showed the girls her pictures and explained how the money they raised went to buy supplies in the orphanages. It was so nice for them to see exactly where the money went and how it was used.
We then moved on to our tea party and etiquette lesson. I wanted to go over the basic place setting with all the forks, spoons, plates, and knives. In addition we covered table manners, how to use a cloth napkin, how to properly pass and butter your bread, all while having fun and eating lots of good food. All the girls tried tea, some of them did like it, but most preferred the punch!
The girls had a great time. Cynthia and Cassie waited on the girls and served them their "courses" and cleared their dishes when they properly placed their silverware on the plate showing they were finished. Most of my food pictures are of the desserts and treats. I was busy teaching manners while the finger sandwiches were being passed. Our menu started with Bread and Butter, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, and cucumber sandwiches, fruit, desserts including ice cream served in flower pots with a real flower "planted" in the ice cream.
The day was a complete success and we all had a great time. I think the girls learned something very useful  while earning a Try it!

Lindy and Paige enjoyed getting ready. They chose to make these cute little fruit tarts. It's just refrigerated pie crust cut with a cookie cutter and baked in muffin tins. Then we filled them with fruit dip and berries.

The tables were set with fresh flowers, china, candles, placecards, cloth napkins, and my moms silver.

The lessons...

The food...

Looking at money from Haiti...

 Our wait staff... (Don't they look lovely!)

Girls, girls, girls.... (They look lovely too!)

The adorable little sisters...
Kyle arrived home from Teen Pact just at the end and ready to crash the party for food! Don't they all look lovely!

Great job girls! You can dine anywhere now no matter how many plates and forks there are!


Laura said...

Margot, what a gorgeous party! I bet they all LOVED it!

Gretchen said...

I have never been to a tea party, what fun!