Thursday, May 20, 2010

Donate Life!

This was definitely a God night. No doubt about it. Sometimes there is no way to explain how and why things happen the way they do other than God is in charge.
Last month I signed up to go to an orientation to become a Lifeline of Ohio Ambassador. Having been touched by what Jonah's family has gone through, along with another friend's little girl Isabelle, I wanted to do more. Add to that, I am a recipient of a bone donation in my spine, I am drawn to this cause in a personal way as well. The walk for Jonah on Sunday was not something I could have done three years ago.
I never would have made it that far walking let alone trying to keep up with my little girl!
 Having my spinal fusion with donated bone was the best route for me to achieve the best possible surgical outcome. At the time I was so focused on getting through my surgery and recovery, I didn't think much about what actually fixed my spine. But all of this really came to light over the last two months. When I spoke with a friend at Lifeline she said they are always looking for people who have received a bone donation or a donation of healing. Well, I was more than happy to become involved.
My friend Cathy from church also signed up to volunteer. This is just one of the many ways that Jonah has brought people together. Cathy and I had a very entertaining ride to our meeting tonight. Not knowing too much about each other we discovered that we used to work for the same company, at the same time, in different areas. Well, we laughed the whole way there telling stories and just in amazement that our paths had not just crossed but crashed into each other!
The evening at Lifeline was very moving. We were asked to share if organ donation had touched our lives in some way. Cathy shared Jonah's story which in itself is very moving. When it was my turn I said that organ donation has come up at various points in my life. The first one was when I was a nursing student. For one of my first clinical rotations, I was placed at OSU on the transplant floor. I was very excited and interested in this area. I then shared my own story of my spine and how having surgery has made me better able to enjoy and participate in activities and life.
During the presentation, one of the Lifeline staff spoke of his personal experience with receiving a liver donation, 15 years ago. To make a long story short,  this was my first patient of my nursing clinical experience in transplant! I thought he looked familiar! Sure enough we talked and he told me what happened to him after I had him for my assignment.
What an awesome night. Cathy and I were gabbing all the way home about what a neat night it had been. She topped it off by giving me a bracelet she had made out of the Lifeline colors. She had made one for herself and one for me and Jonah's mom. How special to have that bracelet to wear when we volunteer or want to remember all the organ donors and special recipients. Thank you Cathy for such a special gift.

Kim - This picture is for you, I know how important Marilyn has been in your journey with Jonah. Cathy and I wanted to take this for you to see how Jonah's legacy continues through others today.


Rob M. said...

WOW, RGRG, I never knew you went thru all that! You're a really GREAT niece, and I'm glad you're MY niece!

Your Blog is my best connection to your family. I found some more pictures, all I need to do is pack 'em up ... one of these days!

Uncle Bobby

Laura said...

God is good! Your post is a witness to how wonderful God's plan is!

You are such a passionate person, Margot, Lifelines is lucky to have you! :)

Gretchen said...

Of course I was crying when you told me everything when you returned from the meeting. But how neat and special to help and share with others.