Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dispatch from the Front

Dispatch from the Front - "Battle of the Bulge" Kyle Miller

I am proud to be Kyle's mom everyday but today far exceeded all my pride. He has presented his Battle of the Bulge presentation to other groups and two weeks ago presented it to the Veterans, but today topped
them all. Today he presented all three services to our church congregation. He had both his grandma's and his grandpa at one of the services to watch. His siblings in another. Bill and I sat in the front all morning in total awe that this was our son. He has such an amazing presence, he has always been the type of person that people have been attracted to. He dreams of going into politics, and I don't doubt he will be successful. And you can count on Bill and I always being in the front row cheering him on.

We love you Kyle. You are an amazing person with so many talents you will go far in life!

Thank you Grommy for the boutonniere and for giving Kyle the article that started it all.

After the last service there was a flag retirement. Kyle and his friend from Boy Scouts, Taylor, assisted in the flag folding.

I adore this picture! Like father like son, in more ways than one.

This is my "mom" shirt. Kyle and I each got one when we made the DVD of his Veterans pictures. We took them to the meeting last week and had all the Veterans sign the back of our shirts.


The Jackson Juniors said...

Nice job, Kyle. I have to admit I was very moved by your presentation at co-op. I never had thought about the fact that your generation will be the last to be able to thank 'in person' veterans of those defining wars.

Margot, I am sure you both are very proud of him. He is a wonderful young man!

Rob M. said...

Wonderful, wonderful, Kyle. You're doing a great service to the Servicemen!

If the "Moving Vietnam Wall" makes it to Columbus, be sure to go see it. It's a somber occasion. They, too, have the table set for 1, I believe in a plastic case (but full size). The American Legion puts the display on, and has 2 that travel the U.S. on a regular basis. I think you can find more on the internet about it.

You can also probably find more about what the table "means", since they had something about it at the display in Redlands a couple years ago.

I'm still always looking for more pictures to send you, and eventually the medals.

Great pictures with your Mom & Dad.


Gretchen said...

Makes cry just reading your post and I feel so bad that I have yet to see the presentation. I am such horrible aunt! But so proud to be an aunt to Kyle, Ethan, Lindy, Paige and Erin!!