Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dance Party!

Warning - Serious Mom Bragging Ahead!

I am so incredibly proud of my dancing girls. This was Lindy's 5th dance recital and Erin's 2nd and it was a great night.The theme was Dance Party and it was a party. I never get tired of watching them dance! Good thing too, since Lindy was in both shows today. She had an absolute ball, she has found her "thing" and she is good. This year she did tap and ballet both with her competition team. Because she is on competition all the different levels of competition get together to do the finale. Lindy has been working with the other teams over the last 3 weeks to learn the dance and it was a secret. She was so excited to be in on the finale! I am so proud of her, she can keep up with girls who are seniors in High School! She has a "big sis" assigned to her this year and she just loves her. She really feels a part of the "team" and it shows in her dancing.
Erin did tap and ballet and also did great. I was so impressed with her ballet this year. We moved her up a class and she did great keeping up and really has improved. She is right on Lindy's heels, it would not surprise me if she follows Lindy down the competition road.
Paige had a really fun time watching tonight with her friend Rachel. She took the year off from dance but is planning on returning to her tap/ballet/jazz/ classes next year. Lindy is also going to add jazz back in next year.
Bill is looking forward to purchasing 9 costumes next year!!

Lindy you are an awesome dancer, Daddy and I are very proud of you!

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - these girls won their competition 2 weeks ago for this dance and it showed tonight. They have this down!
Erin's ballet piece was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We love you Erin!

Goochie Goochie Goo means that I love you! Erin's tap ~

The Climb, Lindy's ballet is absolutely beautiful! I cry every time I watch this dance and so do the other moms. There is just something so amazingly neat about this dance.

it could be how they all work together to do this lift, and Lindy is the one being lifted.

Thank you to Miss Sandy our dance teacher. Lindy has never had another teacher and she loves Miss Sandy!
Finale pictures - Lindy is the little one in green!


Jennifer James said...

Oh my gosh Margot, those pictures are SO adorable. Sorry we missed it. Hopefully we will be able to make it next year!
You have some talented little girls!!!

Mom to 5 Boys said...

Awesome pictures! Love the costumes! I'm sure they did a super job. Thanks for bragging! It's your right as a mom!

Gretchen said...

So fun to watch, Lindy and Erin did a great job!!