Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome Daisies

Daisy Kapers

Finally the day arrived! Erin is officially a Daisy Scout! She has been an honorary Brownie for the last 3 years and was more than ready to have her own troop. Along with Lyza, Molly, Eva, who have been counting down for days when Daisies would start. It's hard to drop off your big sister to Girl Scouts and see how much fun they are having and not be able to have fun too. The big day finally arrived and there were lots of squeals and giggles! I don't have too many pictures since I was doing the parent meeting but the Junior Big Sis's led the girls in making a bracelet that has one color bead to represent the each part of the Girl Scout Law. They also helped them start their Daisy scrapbook and taught them the Girl Scout Promise. Last, reviewed the Kaper Chart for their jobs at each meeting. Very productive day and very happy little girls! I am so looking forward to Erin having a great time with her friends.

Erin and I made Daisy cupcakes which she was very proud of!

Working on getting our fingers in position for the Promise.

Silly girl picture! See Nora on the left side, I think we have our next honorary member!


Laura said...

Megan had so much fun! She's already looking forward to the next meeting!

Gretchen said...

Yeah for Erin, she is finally an official Daisy!!! The cupcakes are so pretty!

Heidi said...

How do you incorporate your Kaper Chart? I see where you have jobs listed but where do you put the girl's name who is going to do that job??