Friday, October 15, 2010

Transplant Trick or Treat

Sometimes in the midst of our everyday busy lives we are drawn to do something. I have felt that way about volunteering with Lifeline. Tonight was no different. I had been planning to attend a meeting at Lifeline this evening for weeks. Of course when it came down to getting there that was a different story! Evenings are hectic but Bill and I had things arranged, he would get everyone to their activities so that I could make the meeting. I got a late start, the traffic was horrible, I was late (noticeably late!), like I almost turned around to go home because I thought I would not get through the traffic. But something kept me going.
When I arrived at the meeting, Terri shared some news with me. Jonah's preschool teacher had just had a heart transplant. She had just visited her in the hospital earlier in the day. What are the odds that one of Jonah's former teachers would need a heart transplant just like he had? Terri told me that she had let Kim, Jonah's mom, know about this connection.
After the meeting concluded, some of the people from the group were going to go visit some of the new transplant patients in the hospital. Reverse trick or treating, dress up and pass out candy to the patients. They asked me to join them and gave me a bag of candy. How could I say no. Then Terri told me that Kim was going to try to join the group so that she could visit Jonah's former teacher. Well that sealed the deal for me, if Kim was going I was going.
When I got down to my car Kim was just arriving armed with witches hats to dress up in. Off we all go, candy and costumes to spread some Halloween cheer. We may have spread cheer, but I think we all received our share of joy. Patients so happy to see people who have had success with their transplants. Family members of donors who helped others receive the gift of life. Heart warming stories of friends donating kidneys to childhood friends, a son donating a kidney to his mom, the stories go on.
We work our way to the heart unit to see Jonah's preschool teacher. I was so touched that Kim wanted to go visit her but I also knew it would be hard for her too. But never underestimate that woman! She is an amazingly strong woman even when I am sure she does not feel very strong.
While we were waiting for Jonah's teacher to get settled in her room we waited in the hall outside her room, chatting amongst ourselves. Kim had been wearing a jacket for the last couple of weeks with a button of Jonah from soccer when he was little. She was carrying it over her arm while we walked through the hospital. While we were standing there talking a loud clang came from the floor. The button had fallen off the jacket and landed by our feet. The button that had been on the jacket for weeks, was now sitting on the floor, outside the room of the preschool teacher. Kim and I both start crying. Jonah has a special way of getting people's attention, especially his mom's! If ever there was a sign of his presence it was right then. None of us could believe it had even happened. All night we walked though that hospital, visiting many patients, and at that moment the button falls off. Once we stopped crying we had to laugh - it was just so Jonah! His spirit was with us all night.
Jonah's teacher was so happy to see everyone especially Kim. She is doing great! And with an angel like Jonah to watch out for her I am sure she will have a speedy recovery. I know that I will always follow my heart to where it leads me whether it be to a meeting or somewhere else. Because God works in many ways to make sure you are where you are supposed to be doing what you are supposed to do.


Jennifer James said...

You made me cry Margot! What a great post. Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Amen! I'm glad you had such a special night! God definitely blessed you and the others for your thoughtfulness. Thank you for sharing :)

Gretchen said...

What a neat night! And yes of course I cried while reading your post. I bet they all greatly appreciated everyone taking the time to visit.