Monday, October 25, 2010

Quotes from Lindy

While sitting at the desk doing Math together, Lindy sees the Rumpke trash bill.
Lindy -"What is that for?"
Me - "The trash bill. You know we pay to have all our trash picked up."
Lindy - "Wow. Life sure isn't cheap!"

While bidding on ebay for her next reading program this afternoon.

Lindy - "There is only one minute left! You have to bid now!"
Me - "I know, relax I know people bid the last 10 seconds it will be OK."
Lindy - "Hurry up! Bid now! I just know you will win it."
Me - "You have a  good feeling do you?"
Lindy - "Yep"
Lindy - "You won! I knew it"
Lindy - 2 minutes later "Wow, that was really intense!"

Such is the discovery of life from girl world. I am sure that she could find a much better thing to buy than trash service. She was very happy to be getting her next reading level though!

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Gretchen said...

Lindy-loo you are TOO FUNNY!!!