Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday Zoo Fun

Friday was a beautiful fall day and we spent it at the zoo with friends. What a great day for all the kids. Ethan needs to be outside as much as possible, so this was a great day for him! I don't think we've paid a visit to the zoo for over a year and we had so much to see. New baby monkeys, the new polar bear exhibit, new lion cubs, and our regular favorites as well!

These little cuties were adorable watching fish and snacking!

Zack helped pull the wagon filled with snacks and little girls. We basically ate our way through the zoo!
Loved the kangaroos!

Brandon was really intent on watching the kangaroos I couldn't resist getting his picture.

Kyle and Cassie

Erin's favorite monkeys and as you can see from Nicholas and Ethan they were pretty entertaining.

Mackenzie and Kyle

Zack in the gift shop getting goofy!


Laura said...

Margot, we had so much fun with you guys! We'll have to do that again soon! I love your pictures. I may swipe a few ;)

The Jackson Juniors said...

Yes, we had great fun with all of you too. I vote for getting together again, too! Your pictures are gorgeous and I might have to swipe the ones with my kiddos.