Friday, October 29, 2010

Helping Those in Need

The Juniors had there 5th annual Food Drive for the Pickerington Food Pantry earlier this month. This year they had the new Daisies join them. Each junior patrol was assigned two Daisies to help and teach about the importance of helping others and the community.
What fun they had in the process! We collected from many houses. The girls unloaded all the food and checked for expiration dates. When done we had 270 items to donate! Our largest amount ever collected. The people at the food pantry could not believe how we kept bringing bag after bag in! What a great feeling for the girls to see that with just a little work one afternoon they can make a huge difference to many, many people.
When we finished it was time for a well earned snack! October 31st is our Girls Scout founder, Juliette Low's birthday. In honor of her birthday we had a special cake made by Mackenzie's mom. Complete with all the badges, the sash troop number was 1912, the year Juliette founded Girl Scouts.
Great job Juniors and Daisies!


Laura said...

I bet they were excited about collecting that much! Megan had a great time!

Angi said...

Greer is just LOVING Daisies! Thank you so much for doing this troop for the girls--you are well suited for the job and we so appreciate your time and effort!