Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gretchen's "mini me's"

For the last couple of years for all the girl's birthday's, Aunt Gretchen takes them out shopping for their gift. It usually is Michael's or Joann's for a fun craft project. They LOVE doing this! Just riding in Aunt Gretch's car is fun (not sure why since there is dog hair and barn mud everywhere but that must be the charm). Saturday was THE day and my were they excited. Not only were they going to shop but they were also going to Bob "Ebans" (Erin's choice obviously) and to the barn. They love to go to the barn and ride but this time there was a treat, a new pony named Bubbles.
Barn fun includes raking hay, feeding horses, grooming horses, and general horse maintenance. All of which they eagerly do. Then the fun starts and everyone gets to ride. Bubbles is very cute and just the right size for the girls. Erin was especially excited because she could reach the top of Bubbles while brushing him.
They came tired and happy filled with stories and lots of craft goodies they worked on all night. Throw in the new Tinkerbell movie and a sleepover with mom and they had a fabulous girl weekend.
Thank you Aunt Gretch for a special day!


Rob M. said...

Such a happy family, and Gretch adds to the fun. I like that!


Laura said...

Great pictures! It sounds like the perfect weekend to me too :)

Gretchen said...

Oh my gosh I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! I can't wait to do it again, hopefully real soon! Girls just name it and I will be there with my barn smelling car! The girls did a great job and Ellen (Bubbles and Sweetie's owner) just loved that everyone had so much fun!