Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween '09

We were a spooky bunch last night. Kyle had a scary mask that finished off our group, but I had to see his face for our pictures. They all had a great time trick or treating with their neighbor friends, Kyle and Ethan called it a night before the girls. Erin could have kept on going! Kyle weighed in at 4 1/2 pounds of candy! I know that Erin raked in as much as Kyle so we have some serious candy here. Paige and Lindy's stash has dwindled a bit since they had to weed out quite a bit due to their spacers being in place. They took it really well!
Sorry for the delay Whitney! We did you miss you and BJ, not quite the same without you guys here. I know the little skeleton missed BJ!

Ethan loves to be scary. He had 3 costumes he put together and didn't decide until an hour before. I think he did a pretty good job!

Paige changed from her princess costume to this skeleton right before Trick or Treat. I think she really wanted in on the scary stuff!

Erin had to have a little Ethan's blood face paint.

Erin and our friend Lily.

Lindy busy sorting candy. She had such a good time with her sisters and friends.


Laura said...

The costumes are great! Looks like everyone had a fun night! Didn't you just love the weather?? It's so nice when they don't have to wear coats over their costumes!

Rob M. said...

As happy as they all look, one can tell they all had a great time. Looks like you had very nice weather, too!

Jennifer James said...

Great pictures. The first one is my favorite!!!
Glad you guys had a fun night!

Gretchen said...

Everyone looked fabulous!!! The weather was perfect, what a great family night! We missed you Whit and Beeg; Thanksgiving here we come!!!

Whitney said...

Love the costumes. Generally, I scare easily, but all I want to do is hug those spooky-looking characters. With 4+ pounds of candy per generous niece/nephew, the Snickers pile that has been set aside for me is likely sky-high! :D

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little late, but you guys looked AWESOME! Luv the costumes! Hopefully you all didn't eat too much candy! Luv Yas!
Miss you all,