Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall is Here

Fall is a favorite season for many around here, Bill is at the top of the list. Apple picking and going to the pumpkin patch are his favorite fall activities. We all love it because of his homemade applesauce! We ventured out last weekend I am just really behind in getting my pictures up here. My California pictures will be ready soon for those waiting to see them.

I remember when he was 2 and sitting in the apple trees. He is so big now!

Erin spent a long time looking for a clean pumpkin she was not interested in taking home one covered in dirt!


Laura said...

Look at all those apple-picking kids! (and hubby!) Your pictures are great!

I think ALL my friends have made it out to pick scrumptious apples this fall...why can't I find the time?!?

The Jackson Juniors said...

Look how much fun . . . we haven't made it to the pumpkin patch here with the bitter cold. The kids have gone over to some friends' houses and picked apples - lots of apple trees in people's yards around here. So I've made strawberry applesauce and mixed berry applesauce.

We miss you guys. Love the pictures!!

Gretchen said...

Now Kyle barely needs a ladder to pick those apples off the top of the trees! Everyone looks too cute!