Monday, October 19, 2009

Aunt Ann

Kyle and Aunt Ann June 2009

My great aunt did not make it through her open heart surgery this morning. It is very sad to all of us since it was very sudden. Even though it is very major surgery she is in great shape for someone who is 81. Aunt Ann didn't ever slow down and told my mom on Saturday while waiting in the hospital for this morning that " she is not a sit around kind of person." She was complaining of being bored! Typical.

We will all miss her greatly. I feel very lucky to have seen her recently and the kids all had fun sharing stories with her. She and Kyle had a nice chat about my Grandpa (Aunt Ann's brother) and she passed along some war stories he had told her. Kyle was very excited to make all the connections since that was as close as he could get to his Great Grandpa.

After she returned home from her visit here this summer she whipped up a quilted wall hanging for me. She and my cousin Debbie worked on it and wrote me a birthday message on the back. Aunt Ann had a passion for quilting I am so glad that she treated us to her talent. We will always treasure her lively spirit, generosity, and love.

Whitney, Aunt Ann, and Mom
Whitney's Rehearsal Dinner, September 21, 2007

David, Aunt Ann, Erin, and Mom walking to the reception.

I love these pictures of her walking with Erin. She loved my kids like they were her own great grandchildren and I loved that! September 22, 2007


The Jackson Juniors said...

Margot, I am so sorry for your and your family's loss. We will be thinking of all of you and praying for comfort. Angie

Laura said...

So sorry for your loss. Your words and pictures are such a wonderful tribute.

Gretchen said...

I absolutley love that picture from the wedding. I feel so bad as I have not checked your blog all week. I feel like it was such a whirlwind week and it is so nice that you put this post up so fast. Thursday was such a surreal day as I had the joy of driving to Chalerori with mom and Margot; seriously I had fun. Except the drive back included puffy and sore eyes from crying. It was an a beautiful day and it was so very nice to see family. The service was just as she would have liked it. Aunt Ann was such a neat woman, I am so happy that we had her in our lives. Will love her always.

Gretchen said...

Sorry, long day and week I have a few misspellings in my post for you English peeps out there. You know who I am talking about!!