Saturday, October 3, 2009

Swimming with Sea Turtles

This is the bay area that came highly recommended for going snorkeling. Everything we needed was right there to rent and there were reef conservation people available to explain and answer questions. It was a perfect place to take kids and they all did a great job.
As soon as we got in the water huge sea turtles would make their way to the rocky area. We had just climbed in and they were there to feed on the algae on the rock. The conservation people told us about all of the fish we would see, taught us about coral, and gave us some turtle information. They said to try to keep a couple of feet distance (!) from the turtles. They don't want them to be injured by people so you are not to touch them. I asked if they were afraid of people and they said that they were more hungry than afraid. It takes them most of the day to get enough food. They either get used to the people or starve. People are really good about giving them space. It is quite surreal to be wading in the water and a turtle is right there, inches away, and you have to back up to give them space.
Bill took Kyle snorkeling while I hung out with the little ones. Ethan tried the mask but had some challenges with it so he took one of the boogie boards we had. They had a tall mask area coming out of the top that allows kids to view what is going on under the water. The kids were ablt to see all kinds of beautiful fish. Having crystal clear water makes it really easy to see. I have never swam in water like that before! Just standing there we saw dozens of turtles. It was truly unbelievable. The pictures of the turtles in the water really don't convey how neat they were. I couldn't take any pictures until I was out of the water so they are from standing on the edge. Imagine they are right next to you!

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Gretchen said...

I love the underwater world, so glad everyone could experience it..... especially in HAWAII!!!!