Monday, October 5, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

One of our last activities was to visit Greenwell Farms Coffee Plantation. It was a great tour and we learned the entire process of growing the coffee cherries. Our tour started with seeing the various plants that were on the grounds. The avocados above were growing on one of the trees near the road.

There were also pineapple plants. One plant can produce one pineapple at a time. We eat lots of pineapple and guacamole so the kids really enjoyed this part.

Coffee berries grow on trees and are picked when they are ripe and red. This is a picture of the nut inside of one of the coffee cherries.

The cherries are put in this machine to take the fruit off.

Then they are soaked to remove the last bit of coating.

Then they are laid out in the sun to dry. They rake them and turn them throughout the day. Then they go into the warehouse to dry or "rest" for six weeks then sorted by size. After they roast them they are packaged and sold.

These are freshly picked coffee cherries that are about 100 pounds each.

Here we are in the orchard of Kona coffee cherries.

Even Lindy liked real Kona coffee!


Gretchen said...

How cool to see in person; Lindy-loo is going to be a coffee nut! Better be de-caffinated!!!!

Laura said...

Oh wow! They look just like cherries! What a great field trip!

Ann said...

Yes, yes please! I'll take some :)
I have a coffee tree, it's about 8 years old, and only about a foot and a half tall....I don't suspect it'll ever bear fruit, but that's's still cool. It's amazing I haven't killed it yet! What an awesome trip you are having, huh?!