Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heading into Pioneer Times

I am getting my co-op posting started a little late. We were on vacation when classes started and then the second week I didn't have time to take pictures so welcome to the third week! This session we are studying Kirsten Larson the American Girl from 1854, pioneer times. Lindy, Paige and I have finished reading the series and like the others we have read, loved it. Life was not easy for the pioneers, but despite the cultural barriers after arriving from Sweden Kirsten's family settles into American life.

We did a couple of activities last week. We used Sculpey clay to make heart pendants that we will be finishing this week. The girls got creative in personalizing their heart. Some have added their names to them, others made ruffled edges. We will be adding beads to each side to symbolize the friendship that Kirsten made with Singing Bird, then putting it all on a ribbon. The girls will then have a necklace like Kirsten to symbolize her Dad's saying of "keeping heart."

Mrs. Walton donned her pioneer dress and led the girls in making Swedish pancakes. They all love to cook so this was a hit. We added some apple topping for flavor since they were a little bland they turned out great!

We had a student who has the Kirsten doll complete with accessories. We were able to look at what pioneers would have packed for lunch and what their school supplies looked like.

We are off to a great start and have many more fun projects coming up this session.

Always partcipating, Erin is learning to make pancakes too.

The bucket and the dipper used for getting water to drink during school. We did this last week in our "pioneer school" except we dipped our cups into a punch bowl of water.

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