Monday, November 9, 2009

Zoo Day!

These girls worked hard selling Girl Scout cookies to earn their trip to the zoo. Finally we got it scheduled and did the Watching Wildlife workshop to learn all about animals. Even though the day we went was cold and dreary along with some rain, spirits were lifted when the girls realized they could get some candy trick or treating. No worries on the costume, AnnMarie had us covered, we were dressed as Brownies. Always the quick thinker!

After talking about habitats and animal characteristics we took a tour of the North American area of the zoo. Favorites were the Grizzly Bears, (huge) and the adorable prairie dogs (Annabel and I need to learn how to duck in small areas!)

We returned back to our house to pizza waiting and a cake to celebrate our founder Juliette Low's birthday. It was a great day all around! Thanks to all the girls who participated and those whose hard work paid for the day. Great job girls!

Laura took a turn reading the differences between hares and rabbits to us.

Lindy posing in the Prairie Dog photo op.

Annabel, Mary, and Christa pretending to be Prairie Dogs.

How adorable is this Hedgehog!? I forget his name but I am sure the girls remember.

Working together to look at worms.

Our Box Turtle friend

Lindy really does love worms.

Welcome Mia! Laura and Mia enjoyed pizza and getting to know each other.

Annabel and Christa were all smiles all day!

Happy Birthday Juliette Low!


Rob M. said...

I liked that hedgehog. Wouldn't mind one for a pet! Then I saw the sn-k- and jumped. They aren't my favorites!

Glad to see you updated the blog! Always fun to read! So your girls are prairie dogs now? Tch, tch, tch!


Laura said...

Cute pictures! We are so blessed to have such a great zoo so close! We should all go up to see the lights together!

The Jackson Juniors said...

We miss the Columbus Zoo, or at least Cassie does. We visited the Bismarck Zoo and it only took us an hour to see the WHOLE zoo. Not quite the same as Columbus Zoo.

Mackenzie wants to say hi, so . . . "HI"!

Anonymous said...

HEY ALL! Yes, I do miss the CZA. Was the hedgehog's name Gidget or Gadget? Gadget isn't very friendly so it was probably Gidget. I luved those little guys! They were so fun to work with. (The animals and the girls) lol! Miss you all!

Margot said...

It was Gadget! I could not remember the name, thanks Cassie!