Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reunited at Last!

So happy to be together again! Quincy is in the blue/green collar and Oliver is in the red/blue. They were so excited and played forever when we got home. They kiss in the morning when they get up and start playing crazy when they get together.
They have separate crates and the first night home they slept in Ethan's room which is where we had been moving Quincy's crate at night. But the next morning Ethan said they kept him up to the wee hours of the morning. So night #2 Oliver moved into the girls room much to their happiness!
They were so excited to have him sleep in their room. They came and got me when he had to go out and have taken care of both the puppies all day long. I got up at 6 yesterday morning and once they were back to sleep I went to lay back down. At 9am the doorbell rang with the piano teacher. I went flying out of bed to find Erin, her big 6 year old self, running the show by herself! She had let the piano teacher in, had taken both puppies out and reported off to me their status before going into her piano lesson while the rest of us were all sound asleep! She is totally smitten!


Gretchen said...

They are so stinkin' adorable!!! They are a lot of work but so much fun at the same time. Soundds like Miss Erin is running her very own REAL webkins!!!

Rob M. said...

A big disadvantage of living on the left coast is not getting to see all the festivities in rain drenched Ohio!