Friday, May 6, 2011

One Sick Little Puppy

 Oliver has had labored breathing since Tuesday. We took him into the vet and had him looked at and the vet decided to treat him for a respiratory infection. By last night though his breathing was still labored and worse, he was really struggling. Bill and I both could tell that he needed to go to the vet right away. By the time Bill helped me get him into the car he was totally lethargic and not really able to open his eyes. Thank God the emergency vet is right down the road and I was there in 2 minutes (yes I sped and I stopped at a light but didn't sit and wait for it to change)!
They took him right away and gave him oxygen, drew his labs, xrayed his chest, and worked to get him perked back up. He has lots of issues going on, maybe not serious on their own but the combination of them all at the same time is making him really sick.
He has fluid leaking from his lungs into his chest so the next step is to figure out why and where its coming from. Getting his puppy worms under control is also on the list, poor guy has been dewormed 3 times now! And that adorable little smashed nose possibly is causing some issues with his breathing and possibly contributed to getting sick easier.
As of now he is still in oxygen and getting IV antibiotics. Hopefully he will turn a corner and be able to come home tomorrow. Praying for quick recovery we miss him tons!
Tons of love from all his siblings during our lunchtime visit.

The techs think he looks like a flower, poor little guy. If he doesn't have this on he yanks his IV out in seconds.
Weighing in 4 pounds 5 ounces

Oliver (red) Quincy (green) on my lap, crashed after playing. Need to be together soon!

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Laura said...

Poor little Oliver! I hope he feels better soon.