Friday, May 20, 2011

Ethan is 12!

 Puppy life is finally calm, everyone is stable and healthy. Trying to get caught up on pictures which is so hard since I am so far behind. I thought about just moving ahead except that I use my blog to help me with my actual scrapbooking for journaling and page ideas...
In the chaos of "sick puppy" weekend, Ethan turned 12! I can hardly believe he's 12, where has the time gone? For the first time in his life he wanted a friend party and actually had one. He's always backed out right when it was time to invite people so I was very impressed he followed through. He wanted a mini Teen night with his good co-op friends, pizza, cake, video games, and just to hang out. It was a perfect night for it since it was a gross, rainy night (surprise!).
The kids all had a great time especially Ethan. He told me it was the best birthday ever! I know that furry four legged friend had something to do with it!

 Ethan's favorite orange cake!

 Casey and Adrienne (above) Chas and Cynthia (below)

 Party crashers!
Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you very much, especially Quincy! You will always have a best friend!

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