Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Oliver

So...when we got Quincy home he had a bit of an upset tummy. I quick trip to the vet reveled he had a parasite and needed antibiotics. He was quite a trooper with not not feeling well and still playing and trying to get house trained. I thought it would be a good idea to call the breeder and let her know what Quincy had since she had another dog due with a litter in a few weeks.
When I called she was so glad to find out since Quincy's brother had just been returned. Returned! This sweet little guy was not in the right home, they didn't want him. When I hung up the phone Bill said to me "when are you going to get him?". Seriously, my hands were already full before Puppy #1! But we LOVE Quincy, he is a sweetheart and honestly there is not enough to go around.
We talked to the kids and the vote was unanimous that we should get Puppy #2. The hard part was choosing a name. Since Quincy was for Ethan's birthday he chose the name. But this puppy was for everyone and Bill wanted everyone to agree, meaning if you had a strong objection to a name we wouldn't use it. Well, it took about 3 days to come up with something but we finally settled on Oliver.
The girls wanted to go with me to pick him up. Its a 3 hour drive one way but they were so good in the car and took such good care of him on the way home.
We are SO glad that we got Oliver! I didn't want to think later on that we should have adopted Quincy's brother and it be too late. They were meant to be together. Puppy reunion pictures to follow!

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