Monday, May 30, 2011

Dance Celebration

 Since the girls were little we have always had family back to our house for dessert after the recital. Lindy and I only had 45 minutes before we had to be back at the next show since she has to dance in both recitals. We had time for a couple of quick pictures with Grommy, some cake and then we dashed out the door. The rest of the family enjoyed dinner and cake and a relaxing evening.
I admit I was really tired the next day. Between all three girls I had 11 costume changes, 4 hair style changes, many, many accessories for Lindy's costumes to keep track of, and different make up for everyone. It was incredibly busy but I'm proud to say we didn't lose anything, (which is a small miracle since Lindy has chokers, wristbands, hair ribbons etc for every costume) including my mind. Everyone got on stage on time, fully dressed and ready. They all had a great time!


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Gretchen said...

Everyone did such a beautiful job!!

The pic of Grommy and her grand-pups is too cute!!