Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tween Night Celebration

 What a great night for a party! It has been cold, icy, snowy, and everyone has been cooped up. Sounded like a great night to get all the teens together for a night of Wii fun and tons of snacks. Throw in a birthday and it knocked the evening up a notch!
Tween/teen nights are always a blast, what a great group of kids. We had almost 30 tonight and they all are pleasant, funny, and low drama (which is such a plus!). The xbox ran Call of Duty all night and the Wii had Just Dance. They got some serious energy out, Just Dance will do that to you. They went through an entire case of water and almost all the juice and soda.
Chas celebrated his 14th birthday with everyone tonight so we also had ice cream cake. Good choice since everyone was hot from dancing around! We had a quick round of "Happy Birthday" and everyone even cooperated for some group pictures. I try not to be too pushy with the camera during their events but I was able to coax since we were already gathered for the cake. Plus they will love having some pics of their fun nights together.


Rob M. said...

Looks like a really happy bunch of kids. I doubt schools could put on such fun. Oh, they WERE at the school, weren't they?
Cake looks like purple + yellow -- LSU's colors!


Angi said...

msrgot, thank you SO much for taking these photos!!! chas had a GREAT time last night!

Gretchen said...