Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daisy Valentine's - Sisters to Each Other

Daisies are adorable, no doubt about that! I just love when my meetings all come together with their theme! This month is the celebration of Thinking Day. A day to celebrate girls all around the world. The end of February is our Service Unit's Thinking Day Celebration with girls "touring" around the "world" and stopping by seven different countries to learn about girls in those countries. They need a passport to "travel" so our craft was making passports. The girls decorated the cover and wrote their name inside. It is so hilarious to hear them talk about their personal "stats". Half don't know when their birthday's are, most don't know their address and the whole concept of what country they live in is well, they live in Ohio so that is good enough! It is so cute to hear them ask each other these questions!
What a great book! To help teach the lavender petal "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout" we read this great Mem Fox book on diversity. We talked about people living in other countries specifically Girl Scouts. They may not have meetings that look like ours, their houses may be different, their food may be different but we are still all the same. Great opportunity to address that no matter what the differences are we still need to treat each other with respect. We then made our passports to take to Thinking Day.

What a great way to be a sister to all of your girl scout friends than to have a Valentine party and pass out Valentines to each other. Each girl got to take their valentines and pass them out to their friends one at a time. I try to, whenever possible, do exchanges this way so that the person who is giving can feel proud of what they are giving and also the recipient can acknowledge thanks. It is so very sweet to hear their voices say thank you for their treats to each other. It also gives them time to admire the work others put into gifts. Takes longer but worth the time in my opinion! I know that I love making my valentines and so do my girls. Half the fun is the delivering!

Lyza made some great brownie and popcorn for our snack!

Erin passing out her valentines!

Oh how fun to dump your boxes out and dig through!

So sweet!

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Laura said...

Megan had such a great time! She has loved showing me all her very cute Valentine's from her very sweet friends :) Thank you for hosting such a wonderful afternoon :)