Friday, February 11, 2011

Partied Too Hard

Ethan talked me into having a sleep over with his best friends on Monday night. Yes, you heard that right, Monday night! Really I didn't mind a bit. I had a meeting Monday night, Bill had a meeting Monday night, and Tuesday would be pretty consumed by a Girl Scout Valentine Party. Not much school would be going on so really I was totally fine with it. Plus I was told, "we'll watch a movie around 11 and go to bed afterwards". Um, yea.
I went to bed about 1 and things were still pretty active and I don't think a movie had been started. I probably could have demanded that they get to sleep but really, they were behaving and being respectful of the sleeping people in the house.
Around 7am Ethan came into my room to get a band aid. Hmm? Kind of an odd thing to get first thing upon waking! But not such an odd thing to need if you haven't been to bed. At all. They pulled an all nighter!
By 9:30 Ethan was done. He fell sound asleep in the living room chair amidst cleaning and chaos. He woke about an hour later to relocate to his room. He didn't even close his bedroom door and slept through an entire Girl Scout party!
Around 3:30 he wandered down for waffles for "breakfast". He was ready for bed by 9 which for Ethan is a miracle!
Bill summed it up best in his response text he sent me when I sent him this picture, we are so glad that he is having fun. We want him to have the best childhood ever and always remember these good times. Its so cool to home school and give him this experience. Truly, if any of our kids deserve a fun and crazy night its Ethan, enough said.

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