Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tubing Fun

We surprised the kids at the beginning of the week with a snow tubing outing. We had tried to go a couple of weeks ago but something came up at work and it didn't work out. So when Bill said he didn't have much on his calendar we loaded up and headed up!
One of the best things was that it was practically empty, its awesome to have places to yourself.
Everyone had a blast, Erin kept up with everyone! That girl is unbelievable, does everything on her own and is completely fearless. There is something kind of weird about loading your 32 pound little peanut into an intertube and then pushing her down an enormous ice covered hill and telling her goodbye. Even better, not being able to see her face because she is so bundled up and hearing her tiny voice yell "bye "as she goes flying down.  Pictures from our fun...

 Little bit of wind burn!
 Daddy Love


Rob M. said...

I remember when I was a kid (so Uncle Dave was a little kid, I guess) we went to a place in Mansfield that had toboggan runs. Had a lot of fun up there.

Last night, here in the desert, it was 21º outside. Where did this OHIO weather come from? Oh, no snow.


Gretchen said...

Where did you guys go? I want to go it looks like so much fun!!!!