Sunday, February 6, 2011

Her Imagination...

is actually about a boys imagination! Erin worked hard on these pictures and told me the story that went with them.
The girl in the top picture "Emily" is the way the girl looked when he (the mysterious, unidentified boy) "imagined her and what she looked like". The picture below is what "Emily" really looked like when the boy met her.
"Did he like her?" I asked her.
"Oh yes, she was very smart! and the other one was kind of (insert your silly face with eye rolling here!)."

Oh my! Where does she get this stuff?! Sounds like a Disney princess story of some sort. I love cute, adorable pictures with even cuter stories.


Whitney said...

So he imagined her looking cute (like me!) and then she wound up looking like Gretch during her junior high years??? Poor kid.

I'm teasing! Those pics are awesome! Great detail and color.

Gretchen said...

So true Whit! I love the expressions, nice job Erin!!