Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Showcase

I have so many pictures from the last two weeks it is going to take me a week to get everything posted to share! We have been so busy but it has all been fun and school is getting done, just in more hands on ways. The co-op session is wrapped up and showcase was a huge success. We had 164 people attend (thanks to Bill who always does a head count!) which I think is a record high attendance. It is so great to see families come to support their students. Paige and Erin both played the piano, the girls were in a class song, but the star our family for the night was Kyle.
He presented his Battle of the Bulge speech that he gave earlier this year at Boy Scouts. He talks about the veterans that he has interviewed and finished up with a song written for the WWII vets "Before You Go". It is a wonderful  presentation and he did a great job on his speech. He will be presenting for our church congregation on Memorial Day weekend Sunday for all three of our services. He is just like his dad, loves to speak and does not get nervous at all. He also is very engaging with his audience and people really listen to what he has to say. Bill and I are very proud of what he has done with this project. It has taken on a life of its own and he has learned more than I ever imagined.
He also had a role in Hamlet of Claudius the King. All the kids in the play did an outstanding job and the set design class created a great set and props, I loved the crowns!
I would love to say that now that co-op is done for the school year that things are going to calm down but that is not going to happen! Things are as busy as ever with no end in sight, this is the new normal in the Miller house and I wouldn't have it any other way!

King Kyle and Queen Cynthia!

Cast of Hamlet

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Laura said...

It was a fantastic session! Kyle did a wonderful job on his Interest Fair display and his speech! And let me just say I'm impressed that he's speaking to your congregation! WOW! You go, Kyle!