Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Leader

Kyle has many qualities of being the first child. One being he is very responsible. Back at the end of February, he got a phone call before Boy Scouts that if he was interested in running for the Patrol Leader elections he needed to prepare a speech. He had talked about doing this in about a year or so but when that call came he had a change of heart.

The first thing he said when he hung up the phone was "I have to talk to Dad." Bill, who happened to be in route from Vegas, could not be reached so he was stuck with mom to talk to on this. He was so torn about what to do. He wanted to run for the election because he thought he would make a good patrol leader but he also was worried he wouldn't do a good job. Being a patrol leader is important in his Scout Troop. The elected leaders are in charge of 8-9 boys in their patrol. They handle communication to the boys, organize activities including camp outs, and act as a general leader for the Troop which has about 90 boys. Kyle does not take something like this lightly.

I encouraged him to follow his heart and if he felt like running then it was probably time. He would do a great job. He loves to teach and mentor younger scouts and I know they look up to him. Fortunatley, Bill called while we were in route to the meeting. He told Kyle the same thing. That was all Kyle needed to hear. He was throwing his name in the hat. The speeches were due the next week.

When I picked Kyle up later that night one of the adult leaders needed to talk to me. It turns out that Kyle had been selected by the adult committee to attend a Leadership camp this summer. He was one of seven selected by the troop. The troop chooses a few boys every year and pays to send them to a camp. To say I was proud would be an understatement! It is always nice to hear that other people think highly of your child. I told Kyle on the way home that I found it ironic that the same night he had to decide to run for the election, they notified us of Kyle's leadership camp selection. I think that gave him a little boost to keep persuing his goal.

The next week he gave his speech. I know I am prejudice, and I was not even there when he presented, but Bill said he did a fabulous job and parents came up to him to compliment him on what a great speaker Kyle was. The elections were 2 weeks ago and the new leaders were announced this week and Kyle won a spot! He is so excited and proud. He is also nervous to do a good job. He does not want to let any boys down. I know he will do a great job but I think it is good for him not to be overly confident. So he is busy selecting his assistant leaders and planning his patrol. It is so neat to watch him growing up. It used to make me so sad thinking about my kids growing up but now that I am seeing it happen and what neat people they are all becoming, it is such a wonderful time.

We are so proud of you Kyle and love you very much!

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