Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday - Round 2

Good Morning Sunshine!

Erin awoke to signs and balloons decorating the family room, compliments of her sisters. At breakfast she opened the last of her birthday gifts, her big gift was yet to come! Bill took the day off so that he could join us for lunch at "Bob Ebans" Erin's favorite lunch spot.Then it was off to Easton for her to get her ears pierced! She has been planning to do this on her 5th birthday for quite awhile and she was not backing down. She said at lunch that she was a little nervous but WOW she did a great job. A little flinch and that was it, I was expecting tears, she is a brave girl. A little shopping spree at Claire's and then it was home to recover from non stop partying. We finished off the day with an Oreo Madness Graters Ice Cream Pie. That girl loves her Oreos. What a great day for a great little girl. We love you Erin!

This shirt is another post!

Lunch at "Bob Ebans" with the family.




So pretty!

Let's shop!

I love this picture of her bag and her little shoes. She HAD to wear one of her new birthday dresses. She chose her birth stone for her earrings. I think they look very nice. She is very proud of herself.

Time to hit the mall.

The end of a great day. Have a wonderful year Erin. We love you so much!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

So awesome! What a wonderful day! Congratulations Erin and you look so beautiful! Watch out Margot....she looks like she's a shopper! Hide the cash!!!

Whitney said...

What a fun birthday day!

Your new earrings look AWESOME! Diamonds match everything so that was a great choice. And your new dress was the perfect outfit for such an important day. Love the pink shoes, too!

Thanks for inviting us to your party--we had a great time!

Whitney and BJ

Rob M. said...

I can't believe Erin is only 5! That means when we were in Columbus in Sept. '07, she was 2½? And last Sept. she was 4½? Big girl! And smart, too, like the rest of the Millers!

I hope your birthday was everything you hoped it would be, and more, Erin!

UB is impressed!


Gretchen said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Way too much cuteness!! So proud of you, so brave. Your earrings are so pretty and your dress and your new nightgown and well just too much for aunt gretchen!!!

I had so much fun on Saturday and watching DWTS last night!