Friday, April 23, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Kyle is holding his application for US Passport. He is very excited because he will be joining Bill on a trip to Berlin, Germany this summer. They are both very excited to go and especially to be going together. I'm not quite ready to fly overseas and leave all the kids at home so Kyle will have his Dad and his Mimi for the week.
Starting next week for school we will be starting an indepth study of Germany. Besides WWII sites Kyle wants to see other historical and political sites. He also started the Rosetta Stone German language program. To say he is excited is an understatement!
We finished his passport application about 3 weeks ago and we took him to get it turned in. Now we wait for the mail to bring him his offical passport! Talk about growing up!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

He'll love Germany! I was there about 12 years ago. Hubby's mom is German and her family still lives there. We also have the Rosetta Stone, but we've really slacked on it. (along with many other things, sadly) Maybe if my boys know Kyle is learning it, they'll be more inclined to learn it. Then they could all practice speaking to each other!

Jennifer James said...

Congrats Kyle!!! What an awesome opportunity!

Gretchen said...

HOLY COW!!! How exciting!!!!

Laura said...

Germany?!? Wow! Congrats Kyle!