Friday, April 30, 2010

Edible Plant Cell

Lindy and Paige had Nature homework to create an edible plant cell. They had to then take it to co-op class and share how they created it and then it was on display at showcase. Of course Mrs. Slone helped them out since some of the words can be pretty hard to pronounce. I did this with Kyle years ago but I have to say Lindy was way more into it than Kyle was, her expectations were much higher (translation - Mom had better not forget one part of the cell!)

So here is what we came up with. This needs to be documented so that I can hand the instructions over to Erin. She will be able to make her own when the time comes because of course she was very much a part of this one!

Cell wall - the pie plate
Cell membrane - the graham cracker crust
Nucleolus-dried cranberry
Nucleus -Ritz cracker
Mitochondrion - Fruit roll up cut and accordian folded
Cytoplasm - Green jello
Ribosomes - white sprinkles
Golgi Body - Fruit Roll up cut into circle filled with jelly beans
Chloroplast - Pecan
Vacuole - mini marshmallows
Vesicles - Chow Mein noodles
Large Vacuole - the pretzel rod

They were so proud and we had a great time raiding the pantry to come up with parts. I love projects like this, everyone learns so much and remembers so much more.


Gretchen said...

Can I do one!!! Maybe that way I would appreciate and learn more. Cause we all know what Gretchen's key phrase is......

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you post instructions on how to do this?