Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome Baby Birds!

Inside this little topiary tree, right by our patio, has been a robin's nest. We have been keeping a close eye on this since it is so close to ground level for fear it could get knocked to the ground accidentally.
This was the status of the nest on Sunday, beautiful blue eggs.

This was Monday! I have not peeked again to see if the last egg has hatched because the mother was sitting tight protecting and did not fly off until the last possible second of me getting too close. I wouldn't have disturbed her if I had known she had newborns already.
Lindy has named all the babies but I can't remember all the names. To say the kids are enjoying this would be an understatement! We have a nest every year hidden on our swing set that we can kind of see into but it is challenging. This has provided a much better view!


Jennifer James said...

Love the pictures! How adorable!!

Laura said...

How sweet! I bet your kids are loving it!

Gretchen said...

It will be so neat to watch them grow up, just like your butterflies!

Rob M. said...

I think it's fantastically awesome, the things that go on right in your own yard! Those sweet kids (if I'm allowed to use that word!) are so fortunate to have such great parents, and the surroundings to grow up in!
Birds, Piano lessons, Basketball, Scouts, layouts of stores, Wars & Military. Sometimes I wish I lived back there. Nahh, scratch that one!