Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer School is in Session

That's right! We are not taking a full summer off like we usually do. For the first time in 8 years of home schooling I am not burned out! By April I am usually ready to wrap it up but since we have changed our method of school we are all enjoying ourselves. We are not going to be doing book work everyday. We are reading, reading, reading, and working on projects that are ongoing. Things that we never have time to get to or that I get my act together to do are what we are planning.

I have been busy planning and then planning some more. I really enjoy researching and talking with the kids about what they are interested in doing. Most importantly I am trying to keep things fun and exciting to do. Tailoring "lessons" to interests make everything so much easier to motivate people and we all learn more.

Ethan told me about a week ago that he wants to continue Math this summer, Map skills with Geography, and start Presidents with US History. This sounded pretty academic to me but I am not complaining. Using Charlotte Mason "living books" method, the history is going to be easy to find tons of materials. We are working on Abraham Lincoln and are planning a trip to his birthplace this summer so I am trying to find everything I can for all age levels. The more we read before we go anywhere the more they get out of the trip.
Kyle wants to do Napoleon and The Alamo for History. We are working on his spelling which has needed some attention for quite some time he just was not interested in trying to make it better. That has changed, he is really committed and working hard to make it better, at least so spell check will start recognizing his words! He is also going to continue his Literature with our Sonlight curriculum. Not hard for him as he will read anything I give him.
Lindy and Paige are all over the place, eager to learn anything I suggest. They are really into butterflies and ladybugs. All the kids are really into nature, observing, drawing, and reading about anything related. The girls are busy reading and we are doing corresponding projects with books. For History they are learning about the Revolutionary War period with the American Girl Felicity. We are also working on extra Brownie badges with special projects offered. I am doing a mini "day camp" with my troop to get Nature and Outdoor Try its completed. It is coming together and I am anticipating very excited Brownie Girls!
Erin is wanting so much for her Girl Scout experience to start, only one more year to go! We may be able to start sometime next summer since I am planning to duplicate what Lindy and Paige did for Daisies so it is already set to go, co-leader and all! Still she is so busy! She is reading and working on her Preschool workbooks. Coloring,playing, reading, she goes non stop all day, everyday!
So these are just some of our plans. I have been busy updating the sidebar with the book plans so I can keep everything straight (and so Bill can see what we are up to)! We are all very excited about summer and all the fun it brings!

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Laura said...

It looks like you guys are going to have a fun and full summer! I have the Garden Activities book and Grow It Cook It too! They look great!

I saw what Kyle and Ethan are reading for science a few weeks ago and checked the Periodic Table one out at the library and Brandon loves it so it looks like I'll be buying the series :) Thanks for the inspiration and all the great ideas :)