Saturday, February 11, 2012

Retail Therapy

Once a month is girl weekend, when the boys are at Boy Scout camp for the weekend, and it is always girly. Erin and I had some errands to do while the girls were at dance and ended at Kohl's where she insisted on a fashion show. She selected various outfits and I had to model and she took my picture and vice versa. Her pictures are much cuter than mine! It was definitely one of those fun little moments I will always remember, wearing all sequins and being photographed by a giggling girl! She went with sassy...

to sweet...(all while undoing the purse display to load up her arms and look like she was traveling at the "airport", apparently she has seen many women with many large purses at the airport!)

Then Lindy and I had to go to Joann's  and she happened to find this little leprechaun girl headband! Can you tell they both like to shop? And Paige was not involved in either trip. She basically has two personal shoppers!

No, I did not buy the headband or the fur!


Laura said...

Girl's day rocks! Such cute pictures!

Rob M. said...

But not one SINGLE picture of Margot "dressed up"???