Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family Valentine's

We always have a special family night to celebrate Valentine's Day. It was a little more challenging to work around dance schedules and Bill's evening Boy Scout meeting but we did it! The boys are hilarious, they could really care less about Valentines but as Ethan says, " I know, I know, someday I will have a wife and she will love Valentine's Day". It's never too early to raise them to pamper the ladies in their life!

Our dinner table was festive with flowers for the girls from their Daddy. Every year he sends them something, this year he brought arrangements home from a florist at work. Totally surprised us all!

After dinner we exchanged Valentine's. The girls spend so much time making mulitple cards for everyone. It is very sweet to see everyone take the time to open everything. Kyle's cards were so funny. He always has a theme and this years theme was the "top 5 quotes" of each family member. Guess what the first one was for me? "We are going to be late!" #2 "What did you say?" (I am really hard of hearing!) #3 This is the last time _____ #4 From now on we are keeping the house Clean!
#5 Kyle, I need your height! (he has to get sick of me calling him to get things down!

Ethan's Valentine's were special drinks for dinner with cute notes. Erin had 7Up "Everything looks up when you're around". They were all so Ethan and perfect for him to give out since he loves certain sodas.

Ethan's top 5 quotes from Kyle with Oliver.

Erin loved all her treats so much! Her favorite card was from Lindy and was shaped like a dress. So cute!

Love this one, Lindy made this for Paige. I love when they draw or in this case stamp pictures of themselves being twins!

Erin's trip to Pet People Barkin' Bakery where she selected "truffles", "Peanut butter cups" and "chocolate bones". Its amazing how they can make these look like the real stuff but made out of dog safe ingredients. The puppies loved them!

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Gretchen said...

I want to hear more about the Valentine's that Ethan and Kyle came up with they sound perfect! Love eveyone's creative ideas!!