Friday, February 24, 2012

15 1/2

Kyle is a really easy going, laid back kid. So when he told me he really wanted to get his temps today I knew he must be really excited about getting his drivers license. He turned 15 1/2 today and he didn't want to wait around a day longer.
My lesson of the day is, when you tell your child to gather the information they need, trust they are telling you the right thing! Kyle has researched everything he needs to do from classes, testing, to where to go to take his temp test. He kept telling me we had to go one place and I said no, it was somewhere else. He was right! Should have just listened to him, he knew what he was doing!
He passed easily and will be out driving this weekend! I'm so excited for him (and also for me, it will be awesome to have another driver in the house!)

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Gretchen said...

KYLE JAMES MILLER!!!! Congrats... I can't believe you are ready to drive. If aunts can take you out just give me a call!!!