Thursday, February 23, 2012


I spent last weekend and the beginning of the week in California. My dear friend, Aimee, made the trip with me. Aimee to visit her daughter and I went to visit my cousins, aunt, and uncles. We had such a great time! Aimee and I travel well together and we always have a great time. It didn't take us long to get started. Who arrives at an airport over 90 minutes before their flight leaves and almost misses their plane? We do! We can get to talking, (this time in Max and Erma's) and next thing you know we are running to security and they are paging us to hurry up or the plane is leaving! We barely made it!
Once we were on our way we relaxed, chatted some more, read books, and fed our chocolate addictions. No matter how short your lay overs are it takes forever to get to California, 12 hours start to finish.
While Aimee was visiting with her daughter, Kayla, who is beginning her journey of faith in a convent, I hung out with my aunt and uncle. When you only see each other in person every few years there is a lot to catch up on! My cousins little one's are getting so big and are absolutely darling. They took me to their favorite Mexican restaurant and called me to say good bye when I was leaving California and boarding the plane, so sweet!
We had great food and conversation the entire weekend. Aimee cooked for everyone Saturday night and we had a girl night on Sunday. Kayla is in the choir at the convent and they have a huge performance that we attended. It was so beautiful. The auditorium was amazing and we sat in the balcony under a beautiful wood beam ceiling. The music, setting, and company made for a wonderful evening.
It was relaxing and restful and a memory filled weekend. So glad I was able to share it with such a special friend!


Rob M. said...

Saturday nite's dinner was one of the most fantastic I've ever had. Having so much family around, and good food, it was a lot of fun. Thanks to your friend for the delicious meal!

It's too bad, as family, we don't get together often enough!


Gretchen said...

Sounds like so much fun! I miss everyone in Cali, glad you all had so much fun, who wouldn't!! I agree Uncle Bobby, that is why it is so important to get together when at all possible.... Love you all! And Margot it does not SURPRISE me in the least that you guys almost missed your flight!