Friday, April 8, 2011

We Love Cake Boss!

We have been so busy I have not even taken the pictures off my camera for almost 2 weeks which is unheard of! Never in my life have I been THIS busy. And Bill is just as crazy with scout stuff and work. It is bordering on insanity in our household, but all good stuff. As you can see from the newest pictures, really fun stuff.
Two weeks ago our good friends invited us to go see Buddy from Cake Boss. Being that we are huge fans we were not turning that invite down. We saw him last year when he was in town but we didn't get to meet him. Thanks to our friend McKinley's diligence in getting good tickets we were able to get pictures and autographs. Thank you McKinley!!
Both Lindy and Erin wore their Cake Boss t-shirts that we got last year and not only did Buddy sign pictures for them he also did their t-shirts! He was also so sweet and posed with each of them individually. The kids loved it!


Rob M. said...

I watch those cake shows (and everything else on The Food Network!) but I can't eat any sweets anymore.

It's been more like 3 weeks, it seems, since something new was posted, but I did discover some new stuff at the end of one of the threads.

So neat that the kids get to meet the celebs and have their pics taken with them. They should get autographs, and one of these days maybe UB will give his autograph collection to the family!


Gretchen said...

How exciting to meet him in person!