Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy Day Bubbles

 The birthday celebration is in full swing and started Thursday when the first gift arrived from our friend Rachel who couldn't make the party today. Then Friday Erin's sweet friend Eva dropped of a gift since she couldn't make the party. Apparently Eva insisted that they get Erin a gift and deliver it before the weekend. I insisted it wasn't necessary but Eva had other plans and they involved shopping for Erin. I'm not about to take a shopping trip away from a girl!
Of course my camera battery was charging when Eva arrived so no pictures of the girls together. Later that afternoon Erin was trying to keep herself busy while we worked to get her "surprise" party ready. She called us all out to the driveway to see her bubble creation. Bubbles were just one of the many gifts that Eva chose!
So the girls and I all watched as Erin got up close and personal with the driveway while it drizzled. She used up over half the bubbles and Paige and I were cracking up because she was so adorable. The cuteness factor was especially high due to the fact she put her skirt on backwards over her leggings!
It was so sweet for her friends to bring her gifts even though they wouldn't be here. I know that she's my little girl but she is a sweetheart and it seems that her friends feel the same way about her.