Monday, April 25, 2011

The Friends

We started the party off by painting nails purple, face painting a wide variety of requests, and making bracelets.  From there we moved to the "photo booth" where we had props and let the girls pose for pictures. We made sure to get everyone with Erin, I'm hoping I didn't miss anyone! This turned out to be quite a hit, the girls loved it.

The second half of the party had a special treat. Tristen attends our church and we learned that he has a very special balloon talent. He happened to be available for the part of the afternoon so we asked him to come provide some fun entertainment and favors for the girls. He did a great job fulfilling all the requests and even brought lots of purple balloons. He also dressed to match the party which did not go unnoticed by Erin! Thank you Tristen! You made it a great party!
And he taught him self to do this. Now that's talent!

Thank you to everyone for making Erin's party so special!

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Laura said...

Megan had SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for inviting her :) It looks like the party was a big hit with all the other girls too!

I hope Erin has a wonderful birthday!