Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet Quincy

Ethan will be 12 in 11 days. He is such a great boy who has really shown us his strength in the last 2 years. He has an amazing spirit and ability to overcome anything. He has wanted a dog for years and specifically a Pug. He doesn't nag or beg but he definitely wants one.
Bill and I talked about getting one last spring for him and decided not to, it just wasn't the right time. But this year I started looking and found one Pug puppy. It was challenging to find, none were close, no one called me back etc. But one lady did. She lived in Aurora near Cleveland and had one boy left in her litter. They were born March 11th. March 11th was my Grandpa's birthday and it was also the day I had my surgery. It seemed meant to be.
We didn't tell anyone except our family (aunts and grandparents) we wanted it to be a surprise. So when Ethan asked where we were going when we were not heading home the usual way from downtown I explained.
"Open the glove compartment," there was a gift bag hidden with a collar and leash. "What is this?" I gave him a gift to open, a book on how to care for your Pug. "Am I getting a dog?" I gave him a note that Bill wrote to him from both of us telling him we loved him very much and were very proud of what a great boy he is. We hoped he would enjoy his new friend.
He was SO excited. I gave him a list of 100 top Pug names to help him start thinking of a name. He found a couple right away and decided on both for the first and middle name.
He wanted to surprise his sisters so we didn't tell them before we got home. They were so excited! Lindy almost cried she couldn't believe it.
So Quincy Paxton joined our family and is already very loved!


Rob M. said...

You'll be very happy having a dog, Ethan. We always had dogs growing up, and I once had one of my own. Take very good care of him.
I think you chose excellent names for him.
When I read you got him on March 11, or rather, he was born then, I got a tear in my eye, 'cause that was my dads birthday.
I'm happy to see the Millers finally having a dog in the family.


Rob M. said...

He's a cute little Quincy, too!


Laura said...

What a cute puppy! Love the name! When I first read it on FB I thought maybe he was named after a former president ;)

Ethan, I know you'll be a good puppy owner! :)

Gretchen said...

Quincy is SO ADORABLE!!!!! Quincy is going to get great exercise chancing all of the Miller's around the house. Well that it until his legs are long enough to get un the stairs!