Sunday, April 24, 2011

Purplicious, Purpletastic Party!

Party day finally arrived! Erin wanted a party where "everyone hides and when you come into the room they all yell 'surprise'". I told her as much as I thought that would be fun I didn't think I could pull that off with her here all the time. Maybe when she's turning 16!
So we compromised and she made her guest list (left no stone unturned there!) and chose her theme. She wanted a purple party. Huh? Just purple? Yep, I was told nothing else just purple and that was the end of her involvement. When she said she wanted to be surprised I told her the only way I could do that was to have Lindy and Paige and I plan it and get it organized and surprise her with the decorations, activities, and food. Oh, she wanted chocolate cupcakes with purple icing. That was the last request!
Since Erin had never had a friend party and she probably won't for awhile, we wanted to make it super special. We indulged and spoiled her. She is the baby of the family!
I found different decorating ideas and my "committee" gave feedback. Well, they pretty much loved everything! So the purple party took shape with lots of work by very enthusiastic sisters.
Due to Erin's really bad ear infection we lost 2 days of set up and work so we were running way behind Friday. But everyone volunteered to help, even the boys. Erin was determined for this to be a surprise so we told her she could not go in the basement at all so we had a room to work.
Everyone took turns keeping her company. Once, she was alone on the computer and when I came upstairs to get something she said, "Now I know what its like to live by myself. I always wondered what it would be like to have the whole house to myself."
She never once whined about coming downstairs. She never peeked. She never complained.
When we started decorating Saturday Ethan took her for a bike ride and played basketball with her while the rest of the family worked fast to get things done. She was very pleased with the results!
My favorite part of the party planning was spending the time with Lindy and Paige. As we worked all day Friday I could see a flash into the future of what it will be like to do things like this when they are older. We spent evenings and all day Friday sitting around chatting while gluing, cutting papers and ribbon, working on games and favors. It was really a special time for all of us.
Party decorations are below.Party Pictures to follow.

The chocolate cupcakes! We made the toppers which have purple and monkeys on them. Erin loves monkeys so we wanted to find some way to incorporate them in the party.

New birthday banner! Loved making this!
The girls wanted a streamer wall for the guests to walk through.

We made giant tissue flowers to hang from the ceiling.

Erin's favorite flowers are tulips so we used purple tulips and hyacinth for the table along with candles.

Purple tulle bows on the back of chairs.

Lavender and purple M&M's in clear boxes with purple Easter grass.

Purple Peeps!

Purple Candy Bar for everyone to take home treats. It's very convenient to have your birthday near Easter.

Purple favor bags which carried candy boxes and purple flower hair clips we made below.


Gretchen said...

What a great party!! I had so much fun, sign me up for face painting for the next one. Everything turned out so pretty, you guys did a fabulous job! Seriously Margot, down the road you need to do that for a living.....

Jennifer James said...

Emma had soooo much fun!! And your decorations were adorable!!!