Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Day!

 It's a HUGE, much anticipated event here in our home when Santa arrives! As the kids have gotten older our party has grown and changed. Everyone has a say in the guest list, pretty much anyone you can think of gets an invitation so that's easy! Kids willingly get dressed up and clean and the overall joy and excitement in our house all week is priceless. It is by far my most favorite week of the holiday season. There is not another time, maybe even all year, where we are home for a week, everyday, spending all day together.
This year I had more help than ever which was a good thing since Bill was recovering from a scary, nasty pneumonia bug! I came down in the morning to a preheated over (thank you Paige) and recipes waiting. Paige ran the mixer non stop all week making dough after dough. Lindy and Erin rolled, sprinkled, cut out, and iced hundreds of cookies.
I am always so grateful for my wonderful family and after the month of November even more so!

Merry Christmas!

The Millers
 My baby is not really a baby anymore but she wanted to be 1st on Santa's lap and that I can make happen!
 Erin and one of her BFF's Megan.

 Paige and Rachel

 Dance Girls - what a great team these girls are!

 What do you think Grace is trying to talk Santa into?

 Friends I haven't seen FOREVER! Can you believe Lindsey was our flower girl? Wow, we are old!

 Julia & Santa

 Bill "stole" Mary's new little one, Luke. He has a think for babies (obviously!)

 No matter what your age, everyone loves Santa!

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Laura said...

Great pictures! Thank you for getting one of Megan, she and Brandon had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas to you all!

Rob M. said...

GREAT Family picture! They're all nice. Seeing pictures of your "Santa night" is always nice!


Gretchen said...

Love the Santa Cookie Party.... what fun to see all of the kids and adults get their pictures with Santa!

Gretchen said...

Little Miss Julia is beautiful and I KNEW Bill would take little Samuel Luke, I KNEW it!!!