Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Family Fun!

As I'm getting caught up, I'm finding cute pictures from the entire month that I haven't done anything with. Our cousins came into town the middle of October to spend a low key weekend with us. The kids played morning until the wee hours of the night, late night sleep overs were tons of fun!
We took a quick trip over to Dill's to do the corn maze and get little pumpkins. The kids had a great time together. Hard to believe that Lindy was sick. I didn't realize how bad until we got home and she fell apart and could not swallow - at all. She wound up hours later at urgent care with horrible strep. She was so sick! She kept it together to be with her cousins. Surprisingly, no one else got strep or anything else!

 Best buddies Ethan and Emma!


Gretchen said...

Everyone looks so cute! Yes Paige I said it..... CUTE!!!

Rob M. said...

Added pictures? They all look great!