Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

 My November resolution is to get my pictures on my blog! This fall has been crazy and I look back and it's been almost a month since I posted pictures. That is not going to work for those dear friends and family who look here to see what we are doing! So I'm committed to getting caught up!
Halloween was awesome! The kids had been so excited all month! Too long and strange of a story to explain but I had to run out on a little emergency right when we were getting ready to take pictures. I threw the camera at Bill and he did a pretty good job. The only issue was Erin developed a really bad tummy ache right when they were heading out so she is MIA in the pictures. She laid down for a little while and then came jumping down the steps and said, "this cowgirl is ready to go trick or treating!" So off we went.
We had quite the crowd which was really fun for the kids to split up and go with friends. The girls had 10 in their group and had quite the night.

 My time has flown! They are into scary and creepy, gone are the days of the butterfly wings they wore.

 Boys just love to be scary. Ethan loves to coat himself in face paint. This year he skipped all of the rest of his costume and headed out painted with sprayed hair. Kyle was Darth Maul and loved it. So glad he ended up going out with his friends. He was concerned he was too old. Your never too old if you still dress up!

 Our group before heading out. What a great looking group!

Elleigh and Lindy

Whatever was troubling her tummy went away and she had a great night!

Lindy, Rachel (the best Nerd ever!), and Paige

 The big girls had a blast!

 So, Bill charges every trick or treater 2 Snickers (this is an every year thing). It's his way of teaching the taxation system to the kids at a young age, at least that's what he says! With 19 kids that was a ton of Snickers. The funny thing about it was those who still needed to "pay" wanted to be sure if they put it in his bowl that they would receive credit for payment if he wasn't around.
 On the other hand Jay rounds up candy that people don't like and passes it out to those who do. Hmmm??

 Emma and Paige

Lyza and Erin sorting loot.

Mary and Lindy, goth girls together.

BFF's Erin and Emma 

 Zack, Mc, and Kyle

Swapping hats! 

 Our favorite house to stop at, Lily's!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

They looked like they had so much fun!!! I know Owen had fun going out with Ethan. I think Chayce thought he was too old to go and decided to hand out the candy, but once he saw Kyle...I think he might've wanted to go. I tried to get him to hurry up and get a costume, but couldn't. Oh well. Maybe next year!

The Jackson Juniors said...

Our kids - including the adopted Baileys, had a BLAST!! Thank you so much! The evening was very enjoyable for littles, bigs, and adults!!

Laura said...

Great pictures! It looks like everyone had a really good time! About half way through trick-or-treating, I had the same thought as you, we should have invited friends! Your gang looks like they ahd so much fun, I just might be doing that next year!

Gretchen said...

Everyone looked fabulous! The best was the swapping of the hats with Erin!