Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morris Island

 Coolest day of vacation! We've been wanting to take a boat out to the Morris Island Lighthouse for years and hadn't gotten around to it till this year.
We had the best time! Thirty minute ride out to the island through the marshes where we saw dolphins right by our boat. We got to Morris Island which is only accessible by boat and were the first people of the day to arrive. So, we had the island to ourselves!  No one lives there, its just sand, shells, and a great lighthouse view.
It was so neat to watch Kyle and Ethan just wander off on their own adventure looking for cool stuff.
The girls found jelly fish, huge crabs, tons of shells, and sand dollars. We had an hour to look around and then head back.
Our captain showed the kids the oyster beds and how to catch shrimp. Very cool! Truly the best day!

Oyster Beds

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Gretchen said...

Looks so pretty and peaceful...