Friday, December 23, 2011

4 Paws & a Girl

Lindy LOVES to dance. Since she was 4 years old she has always taken some kind of dance and as she has gotten older kept adding classes. Two years ago she started the competition team and really took off! It has been the most wonderful experience for her, giving her a huge self esteem boost which every girl needs.
This year her list was long..Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Classical Ballet, Acrobatics, Technique, and a Solo Class, whew! She is at the studio 2 nights a week and Saturday morning and if she could go more she would.
In an effort to teach the life lesson that things cost lots of money, Lindy was looking for ways to contribute to her dance classes. She took on the responsibility of paying for her Solo classes which are $20 a piece and she usually does 2 per month until spring when they will be weekly.
Paige has a paper route and Lindy wanted a "job". The first "job" I gave her was coupons. She is in charge of cutting coupons and organizing them. Whatever the total coupons I have saved with on a shopping trip she adds that to her list of earned income. She's doing so well saving money at the grocery store she is usually ahead of her payments by a month!
But she still wanted a job outside the home. We brainstormed what the possibilities would be for a 10 year old and came up with pet sitting. She loves pets so it seemed like a good fit.
Bill and Lindy spent an evening on the computer designing a flyer to pass out in the neighborhood and so "4 Paws & a Girl" was born!
Her best customer has been 2 dogs that she takes care of and she loves it! She wanted to make them a little Christmas treat and dogs love treats! We had so much fun filling treat bags and making cute tags for them. Her furry customers and their owner were thrilled that she thought of them.
She's definitely learning good customer service!

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Gretchen said...

What a creative gift, I am sure your 4 paw clients just loved them!